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Fora have revolutionised the complex process of flawless flower preservation, we only work with organic flowers in order to ensure the purest finish within our process. To maintain our quality of the product we undertake the preservation process within the same factory environment when picking our ultra fresh raw material. All the companies we work with respect and adhere to our strict quality control which gives our customers the very best in preserved roses.

Fora respect the environment and understand that we need to help preserve the very best in growing conditions, 80% of our preserved flowers are imported by boats, the reason we can do this is because of the unique lifespan of our roses and foliage.

Preserved Roses gives zero wastage due to the processes in production and packaging of our products so we experience 0% loss during transportation, storage and resale which gives you 100% return on investments.

Benefits for Florists, Event Organisers, etc…

Unique Creations:

Imagine perfection in time, give your customers the unique opportunity to admire and love your stunning creation in colours, shapes and sizes that only a Fora preserved plant or flower can display.

Take your time and unleash your imagination to either create amazing full floral displays or mix our preserved flowers with live flowers to enhance your design and the longevity of your product.

Imagine the unimaginable!
Surprise your customers by offering unique creations in colours, shapes and sizes that only a preserved plant or flower can offer. Take your time to create Mix materials. Unleash your creativity!)

More Flexibility:

Enjoy the flexibility of time. Our preserved flowers and plants allow you to design and produce your displays to your schedule, be ready for those wedding orders or exhibitions days or weeks in advance. Fora preserved flowers are unique in quality and design giving your customers the ultimate in flexibility, luxury and beauty.

Temperature, humidity and worrying about the transportation of your designs becomes a worry of the past. Embrace the future of the floral experience and contact Fora for an informal discussion.

  • Organise your production time with more flexibility.
  • Preserved flowers and plants allow you to produce your creations during off-peak periods.
  • Then, you can present them for sale in important events. You do not have to worry about temperature, humidity changes or the complex logistics of fresh flowers.
No Unpleasant Surprises:

It is so important to have a product that is 100% natural, our flowers help to eliminate unpleasant surprises! Your stock can be kept in perfect condition until it is ready for sale, our products do not demand storage conditions associated with live flora which gives you a 100% natural product when you need it, In or Out of Season!

You won’t get last minute unpleasant suprises! For an important event on a specific date, you can choose your equipment in advance.

You can then keep it perfect condition untill you sell it, with no demanding storage conditions. A unique working comfort with a 100% natural product!

Stable/Steady Prices:

Maximising profit is key to any business and especially in our industry, all florists are only too aware of holiday or special occasion opportunity’s for suppliers to drive the prices high. With our exquisitely preserved flowers and plants we can guarantee a stable price environment throughout the year helping you to maximise your profits.

All florists know this: holidays or special celebrations are an opportunity for the fresh flower industry to drive up prices. It is then very difficult to plan one’s activity during peak-periods. With preserved flowers and plants, you have the guarantee of stable prices throughout the year. You can easily renew a range of compositions without recalculating the right price!

New markets, New Revenue Streams:

Customer loyalty is key to success and by offering creations that last longer you are building lifelong loyalty, Fora flowers and plants allow you to expand your product offering.

Our flowers and plants work along your current offering to enhance the customer experience. Preserved flowers and plants are ideal for internet sales, corporate gifts, home decoration and interior design. The possibilities are endless to boost your turnover all year round.

Earn customers by offering floral creations that last longer
With the benefits of preserved plants you can easily sell on the Internet, offer corporate gifts and decorative objects… So many new possibilities that will surely expand your offer and boost your turnover.

Wont Attract Dust

Here’s the science, preserved plants and flowers can’t generate or hold an electrostatic charge therefore will not attract dust. What better way for your clients and customers to enjoy the beauty of your designs.

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